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Sandro Tonali is Series A’s best player – Pirlo

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Ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lautaro Martinez, and Paulo Dybala, Brescia midfielder Sandro Tonali is Series A’s best player stated Juventus and Italy legend Andrea Pirlo.

Tonali is currently practicing in his first season on the Italian top flight, where in spite of Brescia remaining at the base of the table and nine safety points, his achievements have been extensively appreciated.

One of the top clubs in Europe – including Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona, Juventus, Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain – was linked to a 20-year-old move entitled ‘the next Pirlo.’

The man himself maintains that Tonali has a unique style of playing than his own, but he does think the youngster is already with the elite players of Serie A.

Speaking to Italian publication Gazzetta Dello Sport Pirlo told, “He is very good but he is different from me on the pitch.” 

“He has everything to be a champion but he is more a midfielder for a two-man midfield. He could already play for a great team; he is the best in this league.”

Scoring one goal, and producing five goals, this season Tonali made 24 appearances.

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