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Sandra Zampa: ‘We’ll soon have some good news for fans’

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To revive the Serie A season, Sandra Zampa undersecretary for Health assures the government ‘goes in the right direction’. ‘We’ll soon have some good news for fans.’

Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora, FIGC and Lega Serie A are supposed to make a judgment on May 28 as to whether and when the campaign will start.

“I believe we are going in the right direction, following the path set by Germany, and Minister Spadafora feels the same way,” Zampa told Radio Capital.

“I found myself dealing with football because it all had to go through the Ministry of Health, but I worked hard on it and I think we’ll soon have comforting news for football fans.”

On June 13 or 20 Series A fixtures are expected to start, although a new medical plan needs to be accepted for the recovery period.

This week the medical procedure was finally decided for community training.

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