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Sam Kerr said awesome – Vllaznia fans threw smoke bombs

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Sam Kerr acknowledged that after scoring four goals for Chelsea in Europe, she “liked” watching the “amazing” Vllaznia supporters throw smoke bombs. In Chelsea’s Champions League match against Vllaznia of Albania, Kerr shone, scoring four goals in the team’s 8-0 triumph. Although the traveling supporters disrupted the game with flares and smoke bombs that lit up London’s Kingsmeadow, Kerr thought their antics added to the spectacle.

It was fantastic in my opinion, and I enjoyed it. Thoughts of agitating them crossed my mind, but doing so might offend others. The home and away fans, in my opinion, are what make football so fantastic. Even though it would have been in good conscience, I decided against it when I scored the second goal down there. Even when they dropped those smoke bombs on the field, I still enjoyed it.

When she scored her third goal, Kerr, who is known for her backflip celebrations, did not let her supporters down who had been anticipating seeing the move. I wasn’t thinking about it, but Millie Bright requested that I perform a backflip if I scored a hat trick at halftime. I hadn’t done one here in a while, and that was my first Champions League hat trick. She claimed that this was a night she will always cherish. The Blues will resume play in the Women’s Super League on Sunday against Aston Villa after an outstanding showing in the Champions League.

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