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Rugani: I went through a weird month due to coronavirus but it made me stronger

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Looking back to coronavirus on his ‘strange’ month Juventus’ Daniele Rugani claimed to be ‘a lot stronger’ because of his ordeal.

Back in March amongst the Serie A players, Rugani was the first one to report COVID-19 positive and he has also made a full recovery.

“I am fine; I am in good spirits. I went through a weird month, but the important thing is that it all went well and I am lucky, “he told Sky Sport Italia.

“When they heard the news, it all started with a dose of fear. I was afraid my partner, who is pregnant, was transmitting the disease.”

“I decided to go into isolation at Continassa immediately to be on the safe side and this was the best and most correct thing for everyone; I have to thank the doctors for their professionalism and their ability to reassure us.”

“To get out of this situation has certainly given my partner and me a lot of strength and positive energy.”

The 26-year-old then claimed he was ready to help Juve resume the season with their fixture pileup.

“I’ve been watching the Bundesliga and it’s odd to see the stadiums and players separated on the bench, but it’s only right that we do everything we can to get back to the pitch as safe as possible and that measures are being followed for the health of everyone.”

“My goal is to give my maximum contribution to the team at all times. If we had to start again, there will be many matches close together so it’ll be essential to be ready to help because we want to take home the collective goals we set ourselves.”