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Ronaldo purchase stakes of old club Cruzeiro

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Former Brazilian football great Ronaldo has said that he will become a majority shareholder of his old club Cruzeiro. Ronaldo, 45, two-time World Cup winner and club president Sergio Santos Rodrigues, confirmed football news via internet that an agreement was reached in principle to buy the football club. Ronaldo started his professional career at Club Cruzeiro, located in Belo Horizonte. He represented this team in 1993 and 1994. 

Ronaldo said in the video released on social media on Saturday: “I am so happy to have completed this operation. I have so much to give back to Cruzeiro, to take Cruzeiro where they deserve to be,” Ronaldo beamed in a message recorded on social media on Saturday.

He added, “We have so much work ahead of us. I ask the supporters to connect once more with the club, to go to the stadium, because we need great strength and unity. We have a lot of work and ambitions to remake Cruzeiro. There is nothing to celebrate yet, but we have big ambitions.”

On Saturday O Fenomeno announced that he would be purchasing a majority stake in Cruzeiro worth R$400 million (£53m/$70m) through Tara Sports, the Spain-based marketing consultancy that is also the owner of Real Valladolid.

However, details of the deal have not been released. Ronaldo is, nevertheless, wary of making big promises. “The time to come back is here. It’s my turn to try and open doors for the team. Not as a hero. Not with superpowers to change reality on my own,” he warned on Instagram.

“Rather, with immense responsibility. With intelligent and sustainable administration for medium and long-term. With the loyalty of nine million fans. We begin now a new chapter in the club’s history. I am back because I believe in Cruzeiro’s return, I am back to be part of the transformation of Brazilian football.”

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