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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Ronaldo has to 'change his mindset' at Manchester United, says Ferdinand

Ronaldo has to ‘change his mindset’ at Manchester United, says Ferdinand

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Cristiano Ronaldo has to ‘change his mindset’ to make the best of staying at Manchester United, says former teammate Rio Ferdinand.

Ferdinand told FIVE he met with Ronaldo last week, and while he did not disclose their discussion, he did have some general advice for the Red Devils’ top goalscorer.

He believes Ronaldo has to adjust to what Manchester United are to avoid the frustration boiling over at the thought of what the club are not.

Ronaldo has picked up eight bookings in the Premier League this season, having received nine yellow cards in three seasons in Serie A.

‘Change his mindset.’

Ferdinand explained: “He’s committed to what he’s doing at Manchester United.

“He’s always been known for winning. Every team he’s been at is challenging for all the top honours.

“He will have to change his mindset and leave a different legacy in his career with Manchester United.

“It’s about working out what that will be, helping the next manager integrate with the new team.

“Helping with the young players and new players, being that experienced player is the shoulder to lean on.

“Maybe shift his attention from the glory and the trophies to having that human impact at the football club.

“That’s a bit different from what he’s done before because he’s been trophy led.”

Not the United Ronaldo remembered.

The 2022 version of Manchester United is not the one Cristiano Ronaldo remembered.

Nor is it the one he thought he was signing up for.

United finished in second place last season, and when he signed last summer.

He hoped to help the team push for the title.

Dropping out of the top four, and even scrambling to land a Europa League place, would not even have been on Ronaldo’s radar.

But as Ferdinand points out, Ronaldo has to make peace with the reality of the situation.

And try to drive Manchester United on without being resentful of the club’s struggles.

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