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Ronaldinho free to return to Brazil after passing five months in custody

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Ronaldinho has been arrested in Paraguay for using a fake passport when entering the country, for more than five months.

The judge in charge of the case announced former Brazilian football star release on Monday.

Judge Gustavo Amarilla also approved the release of Ronaldinho’s brother Robert de Assis Moreira. Since March 6 the brothers have been in custody.

Ronaldinho ended up behind the bars when he visited Paraguay to promote his book ‘The Genius of Life’ and to take part in several humanitarian actions. Ronaldinho arrived in Paraguay for completely different reasons and that he was not telling the truth, published a Brazilan media in late April, while the Journal de Brasilia claims that the legendary footballer traveled to Paraguay organized by Winpoker, and that he was supposed to be part of a gambling tournament.

Ronaldinho has a career in January 2018 and is considered one of the best footballers in the world. He played for Barcelona, ​​PSG, and Milan.

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