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Ronaldinho and Iniesta send messages to Messi after PSG transfer

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On Thursday night it was revealed that Lionel Messi would not be able to continue with Barcelona and in less than a week on Tuesday, it was confirmed that Messi had officially accepted PSG transfer. Before Paris Saint-Germain could confirm his football transfer the Argentine was spotted in the French capital throughout the day, and he was scheduled to hold his first press conference as a PSG player.

After the confirmation of the new contract, players showered their wishes to Messi on taking a new road. Former PSG and Barcelona midfielder Ronaldinho has commented on Lionel Messi’s move to Paris. “It was a great joy for me to play for both clubs and now seeing my friend wearing this shirt. I wish you many, many moments of joy, Leo. I’m also very happy with my partner Sergio [Ramos] in the team and a super cast. I can smell the Champions”, – the Brazilian wrote via Twitter.

Former Barcelona player Andres Iniesta has commented on Lionel Messi’s departure. “I don’t know what happened internally nor hos things unfolded, but the club will need to recover from this transfer,” said Iniesta in an interview to AFP Sports, Goal.com reports. “It will hurt to see Messi playing for another team. Leo symbolizes Barca. He was everything. He is a player who transcends the team. I have never seen a player like him and don’t think I will. Barca will continue to be one of the best teams. They have to be”, he added.

Apart from footballers, NBA superstar Stephen Curry has also sent a message to Messi on his new chapter of life. One of Messi’s Basketball heroes has reached out to him via Twitter. He uploaded a picture of him holding his jersey with no. 30 on it, which indicates a comparison between both the players, as Messi will also wear the number 30 shirt at PSG. Curry tweeted “Messi has some good taste I see. Good luck at PSG my guy.”

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