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Ronald Koeman: Barcelona players became more productive

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Ronald Koeman believes that on-field Barcelona’s players are now playing even more productive.

Ronald Koeman said in comparison to the way they began the season in LaLiga, he had seen a “big change” in his Barcelona players.

However, the Dutchman indicated that in the results his players have produced in recent weeks there has been a noticeable gap.

“Lately, we have more effectiveness,” Koeman said in a post-match media conference.

“In defense, we can still improve, but we are on the right track and hopefully we can continue like this.”

“The difference is the team has been effective in the games. It is quite a big change compared to the beginning of the season. The hunger that we have, you have to prove it.”

“The most important thing is to get to the last 16 of the Champions League, but if you win six out of six it would be a historic milestone.”

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