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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Romero’s wife denounced Manchester United for not letting him go to Everton

Romero’s wife denounced Manchester United for not letting him go to Everton

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Sergio Romero’s transfer to Everton failed at the end of the transfer window and he continues to stay at Manchester United.

The Argentine goalkeeper is unhappy at United, where he has been for five years and for which he has made only seven appearances in the Premier League. 

After the end of the transfer window, last night his wife Eliana Guercio criticized Manchester United on Instagram.

“Sergio worked hard for the club. The last trophy they won, they won with him on goal. Last season he led the team to the Europa League semi-finals and then they put him on the bench and were knocked out. Now they had a chance to repay him and let him go. let him go, ”Guercio commented disappointedly.

For Sky, legendary coach Harry Redknapp commented on her anger. “I’m sure she’s happy when she gets £ 100,000 a week.”

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