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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Romelu Lukaku claims 23 inter players had cough and fever

Romelu Lukaku claims 23 inter players had cough and fever

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Romelu Lukaku made an astonishing revelation, claiming “23 out of 25 Inter players were ill with a cough and fever” in January, but they weren’t tested for COVID-19

After the December football break at Inter. Romelu Lukaku disclosed incredibly that ’23 out of 25 players’ looked unwell.

He further states to Football Italia. “We had a week off in December, we proceed back to work and I promise that 23 out of 25 players were unwell. I am not bantering. We played opposite Cagliari’s Radja Nainggolan and after 25 minutes one of our defenders had to leave the pitch. He could not walk even a step and collapsed.”

Lukaku is stating about player Milan Skriniar, who officially left the game after 17 minutes because he was not cured properly of the flu. 

Lukaku says ” Each and everyone was coughing and had a fever. As I was working out I was also feeling too hot. I have not suffered from fever for years.”

“After the game, there was a planned dinner with guests from puma, but I thanked everyone and went to bed. We did not have the COVID-19 test at that time, so we are not sure if it’s coronavirus or not.”

Possibly, Lukaku is observing something when there was nothing to notice, perhaps his teammates were really infected with COVID-19 but might get better without any notable result.