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Romanian championship in Turkey would cost two million euros

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Club Romania has decided to end the championship in Turkey. The club leaders came up with an unbelievable solution to continue the league at the last video conference. The championship is left with just 8 rounds and to complete that club would move to Turkey’s Antalya for two months. States Romanian media. 


The hotels in Antalya are unoccupied this year. Almost everyone has their own training complex, however, the problem is that part of the field is not eligible for TV broadcasts.

CFR Cluj leading with 30 points, Steaua is second with 26 points as much as Universitatea.


Football players would be isolated in single rooms in hotels, the entire project would cost two million euros including the cost of accommodation, transport, and stadium rentals. The clubs would first do two weeks of preparation and then continue the season, which would last until July.

Rupal Purohit
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