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Roma released Petrachi from his suspension

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From the role of sporting director for Roma, Gianluca Petrachi was formally released, within a month after his suspension.

Petrachi was suspended on June 18, talking about a complete breakdown in his relationship with James Pallotta, the Roma president.

The release process has been completed after a letter of dismissal was sent to him by the club, Il Tempo reports.

On 26 the board of directors of the Giallorossi had unanimously voted to dispense with him.

The 51-year-old since last summer, when he arrived from Torino, has been interim replaced by Morgan De Sanctis.

The matter is now likely to go to court, given that Petrachi has so far rejected a severance package offered to Roma.

He is instead holding out to be paid in full for the remaining two years of his contract-worth €2.4 m net plus bonuses.

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