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Roma failed to prolong Smalling loan contract

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Chris Smalling from Manchester United has been a potential target of Roma but the club was unable to negotiate an agreement to extend the loan, according to the recent reports.

With Alexis Sanchez, Inter is in a similar position, as they were both supposed to be on loan until June 30.

Past the rescheduled Europa League Round of 16 ties, Manchester United refused to leave players, though, after the COVID-19 crisis, those deals were extended to the end of the Series A season.

Inter will face Getafe and Roma take on Seville but for the Final Eight tournament, Smalling and Sanchez are not permitted to stay in Germany.

Some believe that this is happening because Manchester United is also in the Europa League, and don’t want to reinforce potential direct trophy rivals.

There are no rules in Italy preventing players from facing their parent clubs, while they tend to have that written into their contracts in England.

Sky Sport Italia says, Negotiations between Roma and Manchester United for Smalling are about to end completely.

The clubs are unable to agree on the defender’s valuation, so it looks as if next season he’ll be going elsewhere.

Inter is likely to continue talks for Alexis Sanchez, and work out a €20 million deal to make the move permanent.

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