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Robinson: Alisson is able to play that nerve strength, he is like Andrea Pirlo

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Liverpool goalie Alisson is so “comfortable on the ball” that he looks “like Andrea Pirlo” in training sessions, according to Reds coach Jack Robinson.

In the summer of 2018, Liverpool purchased the Brazil International as part of a package of £65 million ($79 million).

Alisson has become a consistency model after seeing Liverpool struggle for a reliable option between the sticks.

First-team coach Robinson described Alisson ’s capacity to official Liverpool website: “Unbelievable! He’s just like Pirlo or something like that.”

“He’s really comfortable with the ball and is willing to get it under pressure. As you see in the games, he’s able to play that nerve strength, that calmness when there is chaos all around him.”

“If a team presses up the pitch, there’s space behind them, obviously.”

“If teams drop off, playing out to the center halves and midfielders should be simple and easy.”

“We are a fast-attacking squad in the essence of how our team works. We aim to split rapidly and the goalkeepers still strive to maintain the game’s tempo and momentum