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Robertson: The most severe defeat in a long time, we need to deal with this

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Andy Robertson, Liverpool defender talked about a major failure from Aston Villa in the England Championship. 

“We couldn’t believe it, honestly. We weren’t good enough. We did not win even single fight, didn’t create moments in the first half, though we had a few. And in the end, we got such a result. The opponent created different moments, and we must give them credit for the first half,” said Robertson to official website of the club.

“They were better than us, won in every section of the field. Such a result for Liverpool players is shame. By the break, we were losing 1:4, and Liverpool believed that it was possible to recoup.” 

“The message of the coach was clear: go and win the second half, and if this is enough, then everything is in order, and if not, then we will deal with it. And it hits the most. 

We missed almost the same amount in the second half, the score became shameful, and for us this is unacceptable. We need to deal with this.”

“But we have a friendly team that gets along well, and we need to make sure that this does not happen again. We need to deal with perhaps the most severe defeat in a long time. Need to leave for two weeks away from all the guys, and then we will have a Merseyside derby.”

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