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HomeEPL (English Premier League)“Robert is only growing, and is very unpredictable.” - Jan Kirchhoff

“Robert is only growing, and is very unpredictable.” – Jan Kirchhoff

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Defenders are rarely left with any “advantage” against Robert Lewandowski’s former team-mate in Bayern Munich,  According to Jan Kirchhoff.

Kirchhoff claims his “unpredictable” style in the final third made him a nightmare to compete against during Pep Guardiola’s tenure as coach in training and recalls being in awe of the former Dortmund player when on Bayern’s roster.

“If we had to talk about my toughest opponent in terms of pure consistency, Robert Lewandowski is just one number better than Mario Mandzukic. Robert is quick, flexible, physically, and technically strong, can drop, and has a great finishing touch. You just don’t have the advantage over him. Robert is only growing, and is very unpredictable.” German center-back told Goal and SPOX.

“Pep needed the number nine to go back into midfield and play a lot. The player would also question central defenders if they are moving forward or sitting on the ground.”

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