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Rehn – Football has been hit very hard by the coronavirus pandemic

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Football is likely to cost around $14 billion worldwide this year, about one-third of its value, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, said FIFA’s global soccer leader on Wednesday.

Head of the FIFA Committee, Olli Rehn, set up to address the effects of the pandemic, said that the club game has been estimated to be between $40 billion and $45 billion, by FIFA, along with financial consultants.

He said the $14 billion figure was based on the current scenario, where football is slowly starting up after a three-month hiatus earlier this year, but it would be a “different ball game” if the pandemic did not stop.

“Football has been hit very hard by the coronavirus pandemic,” Rehn, a former EU commissioner and now governor of the Bank of Finland, told according to Canoe.com.

“It has created plenty of turmoil at different levels with some professional clubs facing very serious difficulties. I’m also very concerned about youth academies and lower division clubs.”

Football in South America was particularly hard hit, while Africa and Asia were also especially worried, said Rehn.

FIFA has allocated $1.5 billion to help address the effects of the pandemic, and Rehn said that 150 of the 211 member associations have applied for funding so far.

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