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HomeEPL (English Premier League)Referee Mark Clattenburg: Mourinho blames me for getting sack from Chelsea

Referee Mark Clattenburg: Mourinho blames me for getting sack from Chelsea

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Mark Clattenburg was always ‘box office’ as a referee in the Premier League and in Europe, but for the right reasons.

Before hanging up the whistle he firstly decanted to Saudi Arabia since then English football has arguably been worse off.

One manager, in particular, blamed him for getting the sack, although he didn’t always see eye to eye with managers.

“He blames me for getting him (Jose Mourinho) the sack at Chelsea,” he said on the From The Horses Mouth podcast, cited by The Sun.

“But I would say it was more all of the results before that, too. He was hard work when he came back from Real Madrid and, well, I got him the sack at Chelsea.

“When he went to Manchester United, he was thinking the same thing – I’m going to get him the sack, so he was always anti-me.”

Mourinho was another who could be said to be box office, and there certainly wasn’t room for both egos on the same football pitch.

Rupal Purohit
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