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Redknapp criticized Cavani’s transfer to Manchester United

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The transfer of forward Edinson Cavani to Manchester United has been criticized by former Tottenham coach Harry Redknapp.

“From time to time I indulge in bets, but not with such as in the case of United and Cavani. Even before the shocking defeat from Tottenham, it was obvious that Manchester United needed something.”

“But the signing of the 33-year-old Cavani with a salary of more than 200 thousand pounds a week on the last day of the transfer window feels like despair,” Redknapp wrote in his column for The Sun.

“If United wanted to sign him so much, then why did they do it so late? Cavani has been a great player for many years, and if he still has hunger and talent, then he will benefit from them. I hope it will definitely be for Solskjaer because Manchester United obviously can no longer afford performances like a match with Spurs.”

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