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Real Madrid vs Celtic 5-1 Win

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The Spaniard was one of the main attractions as Real Madrid defeated Celtic 5-1 at the Bernabeu to display their depth up front. Real Madrid easily defeated Celtic by the score of 5-1 to win Group F of the Champions League. After five minutes, Moritz Jenz handed away a penalty for handball, ending Celtic’s promising start, and allowing Real to go ahead through Luka Modric.

After 21 minutes, Rodrygo scored from the penalty spot after Matthew O’Riley handled the ball, and Celtic was once again penalized for a handball inside the box. Despite the circumstances, Celtic didn’t give up and was given an opportunity to get back into the game after 30 minutes when the referee again pointed to the spot. Thibaut Courtois’s save of Josip Juranovic’s shot served as a fitting culmination to Celtic’s evening and entire Champions League campaign.

A low cross from Vinicius Junior was tapped in at the front post for a score of 4-0 as Celtic started to lose steam. The Bhoys soon started to wilt, and Ancelotti introduced the changes, with Federico Valverde stealing the show with a spectacular goal to make it 5-0.

Jota made sure that the visiting supporters had at least one good experience by slipping a late consolation free-kick into the top corner. This was the ideal answer from the defending champions after a slip-up last week against RB Leipzig. Don’t underestimate them; they possess all the talent and history in football that you could possibly need to easily win another Champions League championship.

The Performing Side:

Luka Modric: Never, ever does Modric appear stretched while in possession, nor does he ever appear leggy or uneasy. He accomplishes everything with grace and great ease. It must be both lovely and terrifying to play against him. one of the greatest ever.

Marco Asensio: The Spaniard’s chance for redemption is now well underway. The situation for Asensio at Real got hazy after he first emerged into the spotlight in his youth, and his exit has been heavily debated. However, he was determined to make his way back into the team in Madrid and demonstrated his talent once more. It’s not simple to fill Benzema’s position in the offensive trident, but even though he can’t compare to the Frenchman in terms of quality or profile, he still has his own strengths.

Federico Valverde: At one point, Valverde was truly a diamond in the rough. A massive bundle of energy that was all action needed to be seriously refined. And how that improvement is now manifesting. Granted, being a part of one of the best midfield lineups in history undoubtedly helps, but the Uruguayan deserves considerable praise for how he’s filled Casemiro’s vacated slot.

The Losing Side:

The Penalty: Spot-kicks and the Bhoys. as though water and oil. O’Riley’s hand was in an outstretched position, and in today’s game, you can’t dispute it, even though the second penalty they gave away here may have been a touch severe. The phrase that comes to mind is “seeing them delivered.” As if their misfortune couldn’t get much worse, they failed to score from a penalty kick of their own right as they were given a golden opportunity to get back into the game.

The Rule: Another week, another round of handball-related uncertainty. At this point, if you’ve given up attempting to grasp it, we don’t blame you. The first penalty given to Jenz is reasonable given that his arm was extended, his movement was sloppy, and even though his shot was bad, it was on aim. Most likely, it must be given. The 21-year-old is rotating his arm away from the ball while keeping it close to his body and lifted for balance. The way he was moving, there was simply nowhere else for it to go. The bullet that struck it was also going in the wrong direction.

Eden Hazard: Not involved and missed once more. With each passing week, the transfer of Hazard to Real Madrid appears to be the worst decision ever made. Before we begin, it should be noted that the Celts were and still are poor. Real should have dominated this match. However, Hazard’s situation is still not encouraging given his inability to maintain his fitness or even make an impact when he plays. Instead, the front line of Los Blancos has already moved on from him in favor of Asensio’s recovery and the team’s youth. What a depressing span of time for the Belgian.

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