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Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos diagnosed with a muscular injury

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Real Madrid played a match against Real Betis on Saturday and after coming off during the first half Toni Kroos has been diagnosed with a muscle injury.

Toni Kroos sustained a muscle injury confirmed Real Madrid in the 3-2 LaLiga win over Real Betis.

In the first half of stoppage time in Seville, Luka Modric came on to substitute his fellow midfielder – the international of Germany.

Madrid did not disclose how long the 30-year-old would be sidelined but revealed that Kroos has a problem in the gluteal region after tests on Monday.

“Following tests carried out today on our player, Toni Kroos, by the Real Madrid medical services, he has been diagnosed with a muscular injury to the left gluteus medius,” a statement from the club read. 

“His recovery will continue to be assessed.”

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