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Rangnick reveals his four recommendations to fix Man Utd

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Ralf Rangnick has revealed his advice to those in charge at Manchester United as he looks to drag the Red Devils back to the top of the football mountain.

United have fallen well behind rivals Liverpool and Manchester City in recent years and have been accused of lacking a plan to bounce back.

Rangnick, the current interim manager, will transition to a consultancy role at the end of the season.

And will be tasked with using his experience to bring some much-needed order back at Old Trafford.

However, even before he took that position, Rangnick revealed that he had already told the United chiefs four things they must do to fix themselves.

Those four points are: improving long-term recruitment and building a squad around the new manager, prioritising physical and aggressive players over technical ones, scouting a player’s personality before signing and accepting that this isn’t a short-term job.

Rangnick said:

“Manchester City and Liverpool…have been built together and recruited for five or six years.

“All of them are under the premise of how the coaches want to play.

“I told the board this is what has to happen [at United].

“Whenever the new head coach is clear, it has to be: how does he want to play and what kind of players do we need for that? Then we come back to DNA, speed, physicality, and tempo.

“What do we need? This team does not lack technical players. However, it can do with more physicality.

“It takes right decisions and [clarity over] where you want to go: what kind of players, like kind of manager and then, in every transfer window, try to get the best possible.

“This is rocket science. It has to be done, and if that happens, it does not necessarily need three or four years.

“Maybe in two or three transfer windows, the situation could be different.”

Meanwhile, On Rangnick’s point of physicality, he pointed to several examples in Saturday’s draw with Leicester City.

he said:

“I don’t think we lack character, but what was evident in some parts is that we second best-regarded physicality.

“It was about one on one duels. We spoke about that counter-attacking moment we had ourselves where they tackled us twice, within two seconds [and went on to score], which was true in quite a few other moments.

“Whenever there was body contact, too often, we were second best.

“We have to get better at the rest of this season but even more so for next season.

“There were quite a few other moments where I felt we could have been more dynamic, physical, and aggressive.

“On a day when we are fluid, and in our rhythm, we have shown in the past we can outplay other teams, but [Saturday] was difficult.

“Leicester was aggressive and physical in many parts of the game, and we had problems with them.

“However, It is difficult to change. I do not think it is to do with mindset – it is to do with the DNA of the players.”

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