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Rangnick accepted Milan proposal to be the club’s president

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A contract with Ralf Rangnick has been signed by Milan to become the current president of the club for the season 2020-21.

The Guardian reports, since last October Stefano Pioli has been in charge, now he will be replaced by the German.

The 62-year-old Rangnick has already agreed to become the new manager of the club, but will also have discussions with the Milan hierarchy to combine that role with that of the sporting director, a position that Paolo Maldini currently holds.

In Germany, Rangnick created his name as manager of Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig, and for Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg he was sporting director. At Red Bull since last October, he has been working as the head of sport and development.

In recent weeks an increase in performance has been overseen by Pioli in reality, but with 29 points behind Juventus,  who they face on Tuesday night, the club is still in the seventh position and Atalanta’s 17-point drift in fourth.

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