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Quique Setien: working with Messi is difficult

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Quique Setien, former head coach of Barcelona talked around the Blaugrana captain, Lionel Messi.

At the interview for El Pais, legendary coach Vicente del Bosque asked Setien: “Imagine you wanted to replace Messi half an hour after the start of the game because the course of the match requires this. This is how you show respect for other players. Such generosity should exist in a team, but it doesn’t.”

Setien answered: “It’s hard when someone is used to winning. He creates his own nervousness, he gets angry when he doesn’t succeed, and it hurts him. To be honest, he is imbued with the brutal demands of today’s football, like all those who have to win all the time.”

“But of course, you cannot use all means to win. It is true that there are players with whom it is not easy to work. Leo is one of them. You have to take into account that he is the best football player in history. Who am I to change him?! If Messi is accepted as he is for years and they don’t change him.”

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