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Puma released ‘Puma Ultra SL FG’ in collaboration with Mato Rimac

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Sports equipment manufacturer Puma announced a new collaboration with Mato Rimac and resulted in ‘the fastest football boots in the world’, ‘Puma Ultra SL FG’.

These football boots are a limited series that weigh only 90 grams. Only 412 pairs of these football boots will be on the market, which is a symbolic number that represents the maximum speed that Rimac’s car can reach. 

They are made of super lightweight knitted mesh coated with a thin layer of artificial leather to ensure a longer lifespan, as stated on the Puma website. 

“Our goal was to create the fastest and most extreme possible football boots. We wanted to allow people to see how football boots could be designed in the future, ”said Puma Production Director Dominique Gauthier. 

He added, “we observed how hypercars were made and transferred key findings to the model of football boots. Our special focus was to reduce the weight of the kicker while maintaining other top qualities.”

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