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Pulisic opens up on his childhood idol

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Everyone has their childhood idol, so did Pulisic. Looks like Christian since childhood focused on football as he shares a childhood football player he looked up to when he was growing up, lesser he knew then that he would be playing as Chelsea winger. He also reveals who he would love to line up alongside at Chelsea if the chance was given.

The American discloses that Luis Figo was his childhood hero, and he thanks his father as he also coined his surname as a nickname, Pulisic chatted exclusively on the official Chelsea app.

“It was certainly Luis Figo who was my first football hero, He is someone who I looked up to since I was younger,” Christian explained to The 5th Stand.

“The first uniform I bought was a Luis Figo jersey and I recall wearing it while I was playing football with my dad back in Hershey’s basement.”

Pulisic replied when further asked who he would want to play with at Chelsea if he had the opportunity. ’What a difficult thing, man! ’said Pulisic. 

‘I think Figo was my favorite childhood star, but I’d certainly have [Lionel] Messi on my side. May I choose both?’ 

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