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HomeEPL (English Premier League)PSG beat Montpellier winning all eight matches of the season

PSG beat Montpellier winning all eight matches of the season

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PSG continues their winning campaign in France’s Ligue 1 as they beat Montpellier 2-0 in a match played late on Saturday. Star player Lionel Messi was absent for Paris Saint-Germain in this football match due to a left knee injury and goals for the team were scored by Idrisa Guaye and Julian Draxler. 

PSG has retained the top spot in the league with 24 points with eight wins from eight matches played so far. For a team without Messi at PSG’s home ground Parc des Princes, Angel Di Maria, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar began to put pressure on Montpellier early in the match, taking advantage of when PSG midfielder Idrisa Guaye grabbed the box in the 14th minute. 

A brilliant kick from the outside of the ball sent it inside the goal post and nearly 47,000 spectators in the field rejoiced at the wonderful goal, while Idrisa emerged as the new hero for PSG adorned with so many star players and no goal was scored in the first half. PSG, who took the lead in the second half of the match, did not look weak from anywhere. 

Still, manager Mauricio Pochettino made two changes in the 88th minute to take a strong lead on goals and the win, which turned out to be an instant magic. Pochettino brought in Mauro Icardi in place of Kylian Mbappe and Julian Draxler in place of Angel Di Maria. As Julian walked into the field, he scored a brilliant goal off Neymar in the very next minute as PSG took a strong 2-0 lead. 

No goals were scored in the match after Julian’s spell, and Montpellier’s team attempted a total of 10 goals during the match, but they did not score a single goal in front of PSG’s strong defense, while winning 2–0. PSG, who entered the field without Messi, did not let the spectators go back home disappointed in the home ground. Take a look at football highlights as PSG beat Montpellier in another Ligue 1 match.

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