Privacy Policy is a free football news website that does not actually use a privacy policy page.
We do not accept user registration. All the visitors coming here can directly access this service online.
Each guest is on the same level, no need to have an account on the website to read the news.
Even for the comment field, visitors can send comments directly without entering a name or email address.
Visitors can send their email addresses to subscribe to the newsletter. But it is not necessary.
Newspaper is also free.
Simply to receive notification on email about news updates.

Third-Party Privacy Policy

We use third-party service analytics from Google.
But we do not have the ability to know the visitor’s name, home address, phone number, or bank account.
Beyond100yards does not ask for confidential details of visitors.
Because of this, we are under no obligation to declare our privacy policy.
The use of cookies and cache also complies with the requirement of the browser and web server.
And Beyond100yards itself does not store or use cookies or cache.

No Subscription

There is no possibility for visitors to register, upload media, and log in to our website.
We do not only accept guest posting or articles from visitors that are published by ourselves.
In this case, Beyond100yards has absolutely no access to the visitor’s personal data.
The newsletter also has the option to unsubscribe at any time. Once again, the newspaper isn’t even necessary.
Unlike other websites that require their visitor to register before reading the full article, we do not do so.