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Prior to the FIFA World Cup, Qatar tests a large bus fleet

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FIFA World Cup: Prior to the World Cup, which will draw an estimated 1.2 million soccer fans to the small Gulf nation next month, Qatar has tested a sizable fleet of buses, an official said on Tuesday. The month-long competition, which starts on November 20, is being transported by around 4,000 buses, according to Thani Al Zarraa, who is in charge of those preparations. In addition to a fleet of about 1,000 buses already in place, 3,000 buses were also purchased for the World Cup, he said.

According to him, about 700 of the new buses will be electric. Fans may also use the Metro train system in Qatar. Passengers will be transported by bus between major transportation hubs and the eight stadiums where the games will be played. Approximately 1,800 empty buses were used in tests conducted by the authorities over the weekend.

Holders of the government-issued Hayya card—which is necessary for stadium entry—will receive free transportation. Fans can schedule their trips using a function in the companion app. From November 1 to January 23, a Hayya card will be required for entry into Qatar by all visitors, including those who do not intend to attend the matches. Additionally, cardholders will be permitted entry into Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

The first World Cup to be hosted by an Arab or Muslim country will be this one. Due to its vast natural gas reserves, Qatar, a small emirate in the Persian Gulf, is one of the richest nations on earth.

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