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Premier League will be unaffected in the second lockdown

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The UK Prime Minister could put the country in another lockdown with reports of a circuit breaker in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, but the Premier League is destined to be unaffected.

And if the UK goes into a second coronavirus-enforced lockdown, the Premier League is set to continue.

Earlier this year the Prem was halted for three months when Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered the public to stay home as death rates and infection rates of Covid rose.

In March, football returned behind closed doors with the new campaign being played without fans as well to conclude last season.

According to Daily Star, Richard Masters, chief executive of the Premier League, says that ‘Project Restart’ has proven that football will proceed in the midst of a second lockdown.

“We’re in constant dialogue with government about all aspects of the co-operation we have with them,” Masters said following Wednesday’s Premier League meeting. “We don’t feel the closed door’s model is at risk at the moment.”

“We think we’ve got a proven model that worked in Project Restart, and at the moment we’re happy, and so are government, that we can continue.”

“No [plans to shut down], as I said, not that we don’t scenario plan and talk about various different outcomes – you have to in the current environment – there’s no talk about the Premier League or sport being suspended at the moment.”

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