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Premier League: Manchester United vs Liverpool match rescheduled

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Manchester United vs Liverpool match has been rescheduled for May 13 after the Premier League home game was postponed, the league said on Wednesday. The match was canceled on Sunday after United fans staged a protest against the club’s American owners the Glazer family, with fans setting fire to the stadium, which was closed because of COVID-19 Restriction.

Players from United and Liverpool could not make it to the stadium, where successful skirmishes between fans and police erupted under a barrage of glass bottles, while the missiles were dropped.

Although the crowd was later dispersed during the game, United said the game was postponed “for safety and security reasons around the protest”, following talks with police, officials, and the league.

New Date and Time

Manchester United will have to play three Premier League games in five days, after being postponed to 13 May with Liverpool due to protests against the club’s owners, the Glazer family for their involvement in the European Super League’s failed plan, protesters damaged the Old Trafford ground and fired rockets as police were sprayed with rockets outside the stadium.

The match has now been rescheduled to 13 May, which is after United’s visit to Aston Villa on 9th May and a home game against Leicester on 11th May.

Joint manager Ole Gunnar Solskar is unlikely to be affected by the schedule, as a challenging season comes to a frantic conclusion.

United said on their website, “Each of the remaining three games has been rescheduled at Old Trafford against Leicester City, Liverpool, and Fulham, with the first two affected since Sunday.” “United vs Liverpool will now play on Thursday 13 May at 20:15 pm.”

“Determining this match means the trip to Leicester – already rescheduled due to Fox’s participation in the final of the FA Emirates Cup – has been postponed to 24 hours until Tuesday, 11 May.”

In the Europa League semi-final first leg against Roma, Solskjaer’s men did not take a 6-2 lead, they would play seven matches in 21 days. Those matches will mark the return of Old Trafford fans for the first time in March 2020.

The updated Premier League schedule has confirmed that United’s home game against Fulham will be one of the first players to host fans when the coronavirus ban is lifted on 17 May. Manchester United will host Fulham on May 18 at 17:00 GMT.

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