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Premier League games to be telecasted on YouTube, broadcasters are against

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Premier League games could be telecasted on YouTube as and when the season restarts, – but broadcasters are currently against the notion of abolishing relegation.

The aim is to restore top-flight games from June 12 under ‘Project Restart ’ – while officials from the Premier League are anxious to find out if this week Prime Minister Boris Johnson can ease coronavirus lockout measures in the UK.

Games should be played behind closed doors, and probably at neutral locations if the season resumes.

According to The Times as a consequence, all of the remaining 92 Premier League matches will be televised, with others being seen free-to-air on the YouTube platforms of Sky and BT Sport.

Whilst the BBC would be required to display more highlights than they do at present and Amazon will also broadcast a variety of games under the program.

Some also claimed that this season will be no relegation, with groups rising in scale for the next competition and teams playing further games as a result.

The Times says broadcasters argue this is a contract violation and relegation stopping will remove some of the excitement from end-of-season games.

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