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Players are worried about the jeopardy of returning to football

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Argentina International has joined an increasing number of people raising worry over proposals to restart the English season behind closed doors.

In the middle of coronavirus outbreak players are worried about the jeopardy of returning to football while the Premier League begins to work on Restarting Plan, says Sergio Aguero.

This Friday clubs will gather to make a decision whether to restart the season, with June 8 reportedly planned as the date that matches could get back on track.

There are lots of questions about the future, though clubs and the British Government are eager to restart training.

Aguero has expressed his fear.

“Many players are frightened for their families; they have kids, they have babies, parents,” Aguero told El Chiringuito. “I believe we’re going to be very nervous as we get there, we’re going to be very careful because the moment anyone appears sick you’re going to think: ’What’s gone on there?’” 

“I hope there’s a cure that’s going to stop all of this. This scared me a lot. I haven’t had much interaction with other people.”

Major League stars have returned home but Aguero remained in Manchester after the lockout. Chelsea players were asked to come back to the UK and prepare for the resumption of the season situation.

“They claim there are individuals who have it but have no signs and can infect you. That’s why I remained at home. You can get infected and you know nothing of it,” Aguero said.

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