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Pirlo on the match against Porto: this match will be difficult, opponents know how to defend

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Andrea Pirlo, Juventus head coach has given his perception about the match against Porto in the Champions League 1/8 finals.

“The game will be very difficult, this team knows how to defend well. They operate compactly, Atlético style, with two lines of four players each,” Pirlo said at the press conference.

“We have to be patient, not to force things because they have players who can counterattack well.”

“The Champions League is a special tournament, very different from the championship. There are many teams who want to win, but it all depends on the mental and physical preparation. We are at the same level as the others. Maybe someone has certain superiority, but at the playoff stage, everyone dreams of making it to the final.”

“We started the season wanting to win every possible tournament. Now half the season is behind us and we are still fighting on all fronts.”

“Bonucci and Dybala are included in the squad and will travel to Portugal with us, but they won’t play. Ramsey, on the other hand, might be out. These guys will go with us because they want to be with the team.”

“Morata is going through a bad period at the moment, but we know him. He has his moments. But he’s fine, he just needs to start scoring again.”

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