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Pique: it’s difficult to win La Liga title, nothing depends on us 

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A draw match between Barcelona and Sevilla (0:0) in the 30th round of La Liga, Barca defender Gerard Pique reacted to the game.

“It will be very difficult to win this La Liga because everything depends not on us.”

“It will be complicated for “Real” to lose points. It is hard to imagine it while seeing what happened on these two tours. The match was equal, competitive, and this draw puts us in a position where not everything depends on us, but the impressions are not bad.”

“There is a feeling that we lost two points because we were better than the opponent. We created moments, but did not score.”

“Sevilla is a high-level team, they are third in the table, but we had chances. said Pique to Mundo Deportivo.

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