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Pioli: “We played the game well and won”

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Stefano Pioli was delighted to see AC Milan come through a conceivably complicated test in Europa League qualifying at Shamrock Rovers.

“As it was not easy, I’m happy,” Pioli told Milan TV

“The first official match is often full of challenges. I figured we were well trained but they’re a strong team and they’re more prepared than we were. For improving our condition it has been a productive game.”

“We knew that for them it could be the match of their lives, but it could be for us as well. If we didn’t make the Europa League, it would partially nullify what we did last season.”

“We played the game well and won. I enjoyed the team on the pitch. I’m just happy. We’ve got to grow, improve, yeah, it’s been a difficult game and we have faced it well.”

He added: “Winning was our goal and we did it by playing great football.”

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