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Phil Neville takes blame for Inter Miami loss to New England Revolution

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Inter Miami suffered a 5-0 defeat from the New England Revolution in an MLS football match played on Wednesday. The club’s coach Phil Neville takes entire blame for the latest setback. Neville admits he is under increasing pressure as Inter Miami’s form deteriorates, but he insists he has the full support of the MLS club’s owners, David Beckham.

Inter Miami extended their losing streak to six games scoring just one goal and conceding 13 after the New England Revolution thrashed them by 5-0 score on Wednesday. Following his team’s latest defeat, Neville says he doesn’t need the club’s owners, who include former United teammate David Beckham, to tell him that he needs to improve.

“I feel their full support – I always have done,” he said of Miami’s financial backers according to Sky Sports. “They don’t need to tell me about their concerns because I have the same concerns. I’ve been in football long enough and I know the consequences – that’s no problem to me. We’re doing everything in our power, we just need better performances on the field. I’ve got great responsibility and I’m accountable for everything that I do. We’re on a run at the moment that puts me under pressure.”

He added on a 5-0 defeat that was suffered despite having Gonzalo Higuain and Blaise Matuidi available: “I wasn’t expecting it. The players need to take a long, hard look at themselves, and so do I. We win and we lose together. Ultimately it’s my job to make this team better, and in this moment in time they are not. That’s on my shoulders.”

“When we suffer a disappointment, we need to make sure that we can recover. That’s what football’s all about – having courage, bravery, not letting your team-mates down on the field. We’re not doing that and it’s something we’ve not done for the last six games. It’s something we have to rectify ASAP.”

“Did they have better players than us? On paper, no, but they’re a team and that’s what we must become. That’s all I’m asking for – a team that will fight for each other and look round the dressing room and trust each other. That’s what I’ve asked them to do – look in the mirror and ask, ‘what are you doing for the team?’ Nothing will deter me from trying to be a success at this football club.”

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