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Phil Foden is sorry on infringing Covid-19 safety measure in Iceland

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Phil Foden violated the Covid-19 safety measure while representing England in Iceland and later apologized on Twitter.

“Following the story that has arisen today about my actions in Iceland, I want to apologize in full,” Foden wrote in a note published on Twitter.

“I apologize to Gareth Southgate, to my England teammates, to the staff, to the fans, and also to my club and my family. ”

“When Gareth called me for these games, my first response was one of tremendous pride. Pulling on the shirt for the senior team in my debut in England was an amazing privilege.”

“I am a young player with a lot to learn, but I am aware of the immense responsibility I have to represent Manchester City and England at this stage.”

“I made a poor decision on this occasion and my actions did not meet the expectations demanded from me.”

“I have violated the Covid-19 guidelines that have been placed in place to protect myself and my England colleagues. As a result, I will now lose the opportunity to fly to Denmark with the team, and that hurts.”

“I’m going to learn a valuable lesson from this error of judgment and wish Gareth and the team good luck this week.”

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