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Pep Guardiola: What Klopp gives to world football is incredible

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Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola has shared his views on Jurgen Klopp’s tenure with Liverpool.

“What he gives to world football is incredible. I have said many times that his philosophy makes football appealing to all fans. I say that now and I felt that way last season and the season before and when he worked in Germany,” said Guardiola to Sky Sports.

“He always wants to please the fans, world football, to show an attacking game. He has no doubts about that. We all have good and bad moments. All of us. There is no coach or club that can win, win and win many, many seasons in a row. That would be boring.”

“Sometimes you have to lose a little bit. I’m only saying this from my point of view, but sometimes losing is a good thing. There are times when even the not-so-good seasons are good. It makes you realize how complicated things really are.”

“When you come back and try to win matches, you feel a stronger sense of credit and even more satisfied with what you have managed to do.”

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