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Pep Guardiola: The last thing I’m thinking about is the table

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Pep Guardiola knows there is still a long way to go when Manchester City leads the Premier League for the first time this season.

After they beat West Brom 5-0 at The Hawthorns, Pep Guardiola was uninterested in Manchester City’s ascent to the Premier League summit for the first time this season.

Although by beating Sheffield United on Wednesday, Manchester United could reclaim first place and that victory was enough to take the Guardiola team to the top of the table. City will have a game in hand then.

At the season’s midway point, however, this back-and-forth does not yet concern Guardiola.

“The last thing I’m thinking about is the table,” said the City manager according to the official website. “Now I want to come back home safe, have a few days off, and then Sheffield United. That’s my only concern.”

“Today just finished the first leg – we have still 19 games, an incredible marathon. We are going to drop points, we are going to lose games.”

“What is important is, whatever happens, be calm – like we were when we were 12th in the table.”

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