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Pep Guardiola praise Sergio Aguero as he ends career at Manchester City

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Sergio Aguero of Manchester City is a striker like no one else, would leave the club with the gratitude of Argentine fans after a decade filled with trophies with the Premier League Champions, Pep Guardiola said on Friday. Guardiola was full of praise for Sergio Aguero as he is set to exit the club after 10 years.

Aguero won 12 major trophies with City, including the club’s first Premier League title in 2011-12, when they scored an injury winner on the final day of the season. At age 32, City’s all-time leading scorer with 258 goals will leave the club as a free agent after May 29 Champions League final against Chelsea, and Guardiola described him as a “legend”.

“When he is fit and has continuity in training and sports, he is like Romario. At five meters he can be like a jungle lion stepping up to kill opponents, his greatest quality being his unique sense of purpose,” Guardiola said to reporters.

“It is so difficult to score goals in this country for many years. I can’t imagine how many goals he would have scored if he were a fitter. He was incredibly loved by the staff in the back room, he is a very nice person” 

“And the quality of the player? I can’t add anything to the number, his performance, when he was in shape, was incredible. Yesterday, 10,000 fans want to thank him for what he did for the club,” Guardiola said in praise of Sergio Aguero.

However, Guardiola was not sure that Aguero made his last league match at Everton while awaiting the results of a late fitness test on Sunday. “We’ll decide tomorrow,” Guardiola said. “He will play as much as he can play. He was interrupted, he had a partial training session.”

Defender Ruben Dias was voted England Footballer of the Year on Thursday and Guardiola praised the 24-year-old’s mentality and said he was the captain.

Guardiola said, “The defender, when he thinks only of himself, is a problem, he always thinks of partnering with the central defenders, the midfielders and the owners of the wings.”

“He is a professional, always thinks of football, he is very young. I am sure that in a short period of time… he will be chosen as one of the captains because he has shown that he can lead. “

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