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Pep Guardiola: football is struggling with the dangers of the coronavirus

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Head coach Pep Guardiola from Manchester City has expressed objection about the lack of players due to the coronavirus.

“We don’t have many players. To play one or two matches is okay, but when it happens over a long period of time and you can use 14-15 people, it will be more difficult. But like everyone else in the world, we need to adjust both in life and profession as soon as possible. We have no alternative,” Guardiola said to Sky Sports.

“The important thing is that the guys who have caught Covid recover at a good pace and the rest will try to avoid getting infected.”

“Every club is struggling with the dangers of the coronavirus. The situation is completely new to us. We are like an island in society. Everything is closed except us.”

“When people say the players are special, maybe it’s true. We didn’t believe it before, I always thought doctors, teachers, architects and everyone was the same. But everything is closing down except us.”

“We have to be careful what we do. [Keep] a social distance, be careful and let your luck run out, because the risk [of getting hurt] persists even when you do your best.”

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