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Pele recalls Maradona in a social media letter

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The Napoli legend Diego passed away at the age of 60 last Wednesday and tweets and letters from the world of football thanked and honoured the former international of Argentina.

Seven days after the Argentine passed away, Brazilian legend Pelé wrote an emotional letter to Diego Armando Maradona. ‘Diego, I love you’.

In a never-ending battle to crown the best footballer in history, Maradona and Pelé, as the latter said in his letter, were compared with each other throughout.

Pelé recalls Maradona in a letter shared on social media, and these are his moving thoughts.

“Today it’s been seven days since you left. Many people loved to compare us all their lives,” Pele wrote on social media.

“You were a genius that enchanted the world. A magician with the ball at his feet. A true legend. But above all that, for me, you will always be a great friend, with an even bigger heart.”

“Today, I know that the world would be much better if we could compare each other less and start admiring each other more. So, I want to say that you are incomparable.”

“Your trajectory was marked by honesty. And in your unique and particular way, you taught us that we have to love and say ‘I love you’ a lot more often.”

“Your quick departure didn’t let me say it to you, so I will just write it: I love you, Diego.”

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