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Paul Scholes calls Firmino disappointment

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Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes has given his views on Liverpool’s performances.

“I worked on Liverpool’s match against Wolverhampton in December and the Merseysiders just demolished the opposition 4-0. I was watching and I thought they would win the league by 10-15 points,” Scholes told BT Sport.

“But they have been making a lot of mistakes lately. OK, you’ve got a monster injury problem, unbelievable. You’ve had to put Henderson in defense and because of that, the midfield game is no longer as good. Alisson is also making serious mistakes, the midfielders are not playing their best. But I don’t think Liverpool are playing that bad overall.”

“They can’t create enough chances but they manage to control the game sometimes. Firmino has been a big disappointment for me though. He’s a great player but he botched moment after moment against Everton.”

“He has plenty of half chances and if he used just one of them, it would change things. But he is very absent-minded at the goal.”

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