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Paul Merson on Man Utd vs Man City: In my opinion, this match will be of huge importance

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Former Arsenal player Paul Merson has commented on the importance of the match against Manchester City for Manchester United head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

“In my opinion, this match will be of huge importance. I would say that in case Man Utd fail to do well, it will be the end. I think it’s a do or die situation for Ole.”

“Yes, that’s right, unless Manchester United has another plan and the club’s management think about it the way the others do,” said Merson to Sky Sports.

“Does Manchester United want someone else? Are they comfortable in this situation? They rule the ball, they don’t feel any pressure. Are they comfortable with that? Do the people who run the club think they are the biggest football club? Do they think like me, or do they think, “We are no longer the same?”

“Would Zinedine Zidane be able to retain his position at Real Madrid if the team hadn’t reached the Champions League final 1/8? Of course not. They would have given up the idea of being the biggest club in the world and made that decision.”

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