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Osasuna was knocked down by three players from Real Betis

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Osasuna was hosted by Real Betis in the 35th week of La Liga, Spain, on their home ground. Rodriguez, Pedraza, and Alena helped the home side to defeat the opponent for 3-0.

With Real Betis – Osasuna match played in the 35th week, the excitement in Spain La Liga continued. The host team won the fight 3-0. In the 4th minute, Rodriguez scored a goal for Real Betis followed by Pedraza in the 25th minute, and Carlos Alena in the 90th minute.

Behind this result, Osasuna remained at 45, while Betis increased his score to 41.

Betis 3 – 0 Osasuna

Goals: 1-0 Rodriguez 4′, 2-0 Pedraza 25′, 3-0 Alena 90+7′ 

Yellow cards: Carvalho (B); Garcia (O), Aridane (O), Merida (O), Estupinan (O), Lato (O)

Real Betis: Robles; Emerson, Mandi, Feddal, Pedraza; Alena, Rodriguez, Carvalho; Fekir, Iglesias, Tello

Osasuna: Herrera; Vidal, Garcia, Hernandez, Lato; Torres, Moncayola, Merida, Garcia; Gallego, Arnaiz

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