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Origi: It would be painful to lose the Premier League title

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Origi was uplifted to depart Anfield at the end of the season after being reduced to a mere six rounds in the Premier League and Champions League this season.

It would be “painful” to lose the Premier League title due to the coronavirus pandemic, acknowledged Liverpool forward Divock Origi.

The Reds are keeping a 25-point advantage on second-placed Manchester City with a game in hand, leaving them with two first top-flight crown wins in three decades.

Without a declaration of restart date due to the spread of Covid-19 the season has come to rest since early March. 

Some have called for 2019-20 to be ruled null and void, Origi says it will be hard to bear Liverpool losing the top spot.

Origi said to The Mirror, “We are not yet at the club. It’s all pretty unclear here in England. We don’t even train in small groups.”

“It would be painful if we can’t get that title now. But there are things in life that you cannot control. Safety is the most important thing now.”

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