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Onuoha stands with the country against police brutality

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“I never feel 100 percent safe going out in the U.S.” admits Former Manchester City defender Nedum Onuoha, who has supported the country’s ongoing protests against police brutality with full support.

“I am still really careful about how I act and how people who have power will interpret it,” Onuoha told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“Personally, I don’t like to say that overall, but I’m afraid and distrustful of the police. I loved living in this country but another side of it is there.”

“I’m more relaxed in the United Kingdom and if anything occurs it definitely won’t be fatal-although it ’s more normal here because of their freedoms that altercations get serious.”

“I’m comfortable, but when it comes to any kind of brutality, if it’s from the police, if they’re reading me the wrong way, it could take my life. I look like this every single day. It’s not only me but even everybody else.”

“I’m not trying to be hypercritical of the police, there are plenty of good police officers out there, but at times I feel like people are putting police on a pedestal and making them look superhuman.”

“If you’re worried about next door guy, why don’t you worry about the individual walking the streets now with more control, more weapons but the same views?”

“I never walk out and feel 100% safe.”