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Olmo scored both goals, RB Leipzig won against Hoffenheim

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In the first match of the 31st round of the German football championship, Young Spanish midfielder Dani Olmo scored both goals for his team in a 2-0 (2-0) away win against Hoffenheim, he transferred from Dinamo Zagreb to RB Leipzig earlier this year.

In the 9th and 11th minutes, Olmo scored in the very opening of the match. With his left foot, he perfectly calmed down Mukiele’s pass in the first goal, and with his right foot, he hit the bottom left corner of the helpless Baumann on the home team’s goal with about 10 meters. Just two minutes later Olmo hit practically the same spot the same angle, this time after Sabitzer headed the ball down to him.

Until the 78th minute, Olmo played for RB Leipzig, while the Croatian national team striker Andrej Kramarić played the second half for Hoffenheim.

With three new points, RB Leipzig consolidated its third place in the standings, now with 62 points, one less in the game than Borussia Dortmund and six more than Borussia Mönchengladbach’s fourth, while Hoffenheim remained seventh with 43 points.

At the top is Bayern with 70 points.

Rupal Purohit
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